Sunday, August 8, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 31

Where we worship.

Monday {8.2.10}
The boys had a playdate today with one of the families from our church. They have three sons, ranging in ages from 8-12, and they all adore Drew and Reed. Apparently their play today included water, Nerf guns, and a jungle gym. :) I have no pictures as I was out shopping and enjoying some kid-free time, but the boys' mom snapped a few pics and I'll get one from her for today's photo.

Our favorite family restaurant.
Well, it's my favorite, and I have gotten Drew pretty well indoctrinated to its gloriousness, Brad is usually not opposed to eating here, and Reed will eat anything. That qualifies as "family" favorite if you ask me! Today the boys and I had lunch here with Terri, a good friend of mine.

We have been spending our Wednesday nights at church this summer, helping to lead the R3 summer program. R3 is an abbreviation for "Reading, Recreation, & Relationships." The program includes a free meal for school age kids and their families, followed by three rotating stations for the kids, which involves reading, crafts, and games. It's been a really great program for some of our neighborhood families, as well as for those who have volunteered to help.

I took the boys down to Riverfront Park to enjoy the ground fountains. It's been really warm lately, and it was time to cool off!

More water fun on Friday as we took the boys to the lagoon for some free paddle-boating. Reed was a little too small to participate, but Drew had a great time watching Daddy do all the paddling! :)

Funny story. Drew spotted these band-aids several weeks ago on one of our regular shopping trips. And because Lightening is on the box, he had to have them. I convinced him (somehow) that we would buy them when we had a coupon to do so. He was fine with this plan, but I assure you, he remembered these band-aids and every time we went to the store, he asked if we had a coupon yet. We finally got a coupon this week (thanks, Papa!), and Drew was over.the.moon that he finally got his band-aids. It's the little things, people. :)

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