Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 34

Drew vs. Papa, a head to head Cars competition. Papa took control on the racetrack, but Drew couldn't be beat when he was off-roadin'!

Wonder of all more pacifier! Reed was practically born with that thing in his mouth, and with all of his troubles early on, it's been such a lifesaver for him, and for us! I put him to bed Sunday night without one (totally unintentionally...I just forgot to bring one up to his room when I tucked him in) and we haven't looked back. He asked for it once this week before naptime (and by "asked" I mean he pointed at the cupboard we keep them in and grunted) but I diverted his attention and he went without. This easy weening process has been a pleasant (and welcome!) surprise!

Tuesday {8.24.10}
I do have a picture for today, but I won't be sharing it here because the Internet doesn't need to know everything. :) And no, I'm not pregnant.
So, moving on to some super cuteness...

The heat has finally bypassed us for a few days and we were able to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. And oh my stars look at those lips!

Another beautiful day and the boys and I enjoyed it thoroughly, visiting two parks in the morning and playing in our backyard after quiet time this afternoon. Read all about it here.

You know those moments when it's just too quiet in the house? When you just know that trouble is brewing? That's what I thought when it was unusually quiet for an unusually long period of time. Much to my surprise, I saw this when I peeked around the corner.

A night at the ballpark! We took the boys to see the Peoria Chiefs play tonight, complete with fireworks after the game. We were so impressed with how well the boys behaved, and both Brad and I enjoyed the night so much. Loved this.

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