Sunday, August 1, 2010

Picture of the Day, Weeks 29 & 30

Sunday {7.18.10}
Today's picture is of Amy and Doug, members of our church, with their new daughter, four-year-old Ella. They returned last Thursday from meeting, and adopting her, from China. Amy is an incredible woman and mother, and is such an impressive role model for me as a young mom. She has a heart of gold; genuine, giving, and compassionate. She has four older boys, and with Doug, they adopted their first daughter, Abbi, from China, and have been foster parents for the last few years. They are currently caring for a one-year-old boy, whom they've had in their care since he was born. I could go on and on about this family, and I wanted to include their picture in our album as some of the people in our life whom we adore and admire.
(I'm not posting their picture here as I hadn't asked for their blessing to do so before publishing.)

Drew's first time at the theater! He took me on a date to go see Toy Story 3.

It was one of those nights when we were itching to do something different. I said, "How about we build a fort?" And the reply was a resounding, "Yeah!" I'm pretty sure they had a good time.

What we've been wearing on our feet this summer.

Because sometimes...okay, a lot of the just isn't going to happen.

Today, the boys and I traveled to my parents house in Minnesota. This seemed to have characterized our travels, although a more appropriate picture would have been the "P" on the dash as we sat still on the interstate, or the massive line of cars we were stuck behind...twice. But I was too busy searching out my own detours to take a photo!
(Pardon the bug guts.)

Adelynn Marie Clifton
Our new niece. :)

Justin made some rockin' paper airplanes for the boys to play with. Drew and Perry were outside for over an hour flying these things back and forth. I'm beginning to rethink that Christmas list Drew has already started! Paper might be all he needs...

We went on a picnic at one of the parks near my parents' home for dinner tonight. The park has a small "zoo" of sorts, with miniature ponies, goats, ducks, fish, cows, pigs, and peacocks. Reed was mesmerized by the animals, and we had a hard time getting him to walk from one animal cage to another. He would get this close, but then as soon as the animal approached, he backed up with a little shriek. So so cute.

The four Clifton grandkids.

The boys and I arrived back home today after our visit to Minnesota. I asked Brad how he enjoyed his "stay-cation." He told me what he did (besides work) and I figured this picture pretty much summed up his time. Brad said to add in pizza and Mountain Dew, and that's pretty much it!

I'm starting to hit the clearance racks, looking for clothes for the boys for next summer. I'm in a bit of denial, and find it kind of shocking, that I now have to shop in the actual Boys Department for Drew, instead of the toddler section. I feel a little bit like a fish out of water!

Drew participated in the library's Summer Reading Program, and we turned in his papers today, stating he'd completed the program and listing all the books he'd read. This was his prize package. He got to pick a new book to keep (Nemo/Toy Story), and he also received tons of "freebies" (certificates for pizza, ice cream, fries, kids meals, tickets to the zoo, Chiefs game, Rivermen game, etc).

The bitter taste of his first time out.


  1. Wow that's a lot of great pictures. I love all the variety. Some of my favorite potd is of the shoes were wearing also. Wasn't toy story 3 great, my husband and I loved it more then the kids. That's a beautiful baby girl to have around after all those boys. We did the library summer reading and all three of my kids won the grand prizes for their age group that has never happened usually it's just one of them. I was so happy that they all 3 won this time. Have a great week.

  2. What great pictures! Your niece is a doll!