Friday, August 27, 2010

Parks and Rec

One of my goals for this summer was to spend more time outdoors with the boys. This was a really great goal back in May, when we were still experiencing a bit cooler, breezier days.

And then it got hot.

And let me just say...I don't like hot.

Needless to say, we haven't been out much, which I feel badly about. I'm just not an outdoorsy person in the heat. I love fresh air when it's 70 degree fresh air blowing through the trees. Ninety degree fresh air, however...not so much. But nonetheless, I tried. We were outside in the backyard pretty frequently during the month of June, and if running errands counts, we're outside all the time. :) Then there are other days that our pale skin doesn't see the likes of the sun. And usually, I'm okay with that. However, one antsy 17 month old without enough roaming room plus one three-year-old who actually tells me he's bored is a BIG sign we need to get out more often!

The heat has finally subsided enough in the past couple days that we've actually been able to turn off the A/C (yay!) and yesterday, we high-tailed it on over to the park to play! And let me just say, that both boys were ecstatic. Maybe a little too ecstatic. Huh. I guess we hadn't been outside in a while...

Drew said he wanted to walk. Not ride in the van. Not ride in the stroller. Walk. Well, that kind of eliminates Mineral Springs Park, the one with the massive jungle gym, as it's about a mile from the house. Thankfully I had my thinking cap on and, eventhough Drew said he wanted to walk, I grabbed the double stroller as I knew there was no way I could push a stroller and carry 40 pound Drew when he decided he couldn't walk anymore!

So off to Rotary Park we strolled, which is about five blocks from our house.

This was about all this park had to offer...swings, a couple slides and those few older kid things like monkey bars and a pseudo rock climbing wall.

Drew noticed. And he was less than impressed. After about 15 minutes he said, "What else can we do at this park?"

Good thing I brought that double stroller! In they both went, and off to Mineral Springs we go! (Side note: I got more than enough exercise yesterday!)

It's a good thing that school has started here because the park wasn't busy and both boys were all over the place! But they both had so much fun, running back and forth and climbing and crawling and giggling.

And if that wasn't enough, we had some backyard fun after quiet time. We filled up the pool and played with Buzz's water guns that somehow (while mom was distracted talking on the phone) ended up creating a mud hole...

One stayed clean...

the other did not!

Straight to the tub and into jammies by 4:30 in the afternoon! Both boys were adequately exhausted; Reed sleeping 11 hours last night, and taking a 2 hour nap this morning.

Mission: Accomplished!

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