Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Things He Says, Part II

Following up on Part I of The Things He Says, here are some of the funnier things that have come out of Drew's mouth lately...

Drew was serving up some "fish" for breakfast...

Dad: "Thanks buddy. What kind of fish is this? A catfish?"
Drew: "'s a...dogfish!"


"No, Mama, go fast! Drive like Lightening McQueen!"

[And more video game influence...]

Drew: "Mom, drive faster."
Mom: "I can't, Buddy. I can't drive fast in town."
Drew: "Lightening drives fast in town..." (said in such a way as if he was daring me to do it)
[Two minutes later...]
Drew: "Mom, hit those signs."
Mom: "Bud, I can't hit those signs."
Drew: "Lightening hits the signs."
Mom: "Lightening gets points, we'd just get hurt."

[There's a feature on his video game called "boost" that he uses to give Lightening a quick jolt of speed as he races.]
So while I'm driving, of course Drew needs to say, "Mama! BOOST!"


I told Drew that it was time for bed after I watered the flowers outside.
When I came back in, Drew said, "Mom, I think the flowers need more water. They're thirsty."


[When Drew's misbehaving, I will occasionally tell him that if he doesn't stop, he'll be in deep, dark trouble. He turned the tables on me one night when I was picking on him.]

"Mama, you're gonna be in big, bad trouble!"


"I'm gonna stay home all by myself."
"I'm gonna stay up all night long."

[You know how 40 years old is the new 20? Apparently 3 years old is the new 13!]


[I was having a difficult time with Drew, trying to get him to listen to get his pajamas on.]

Mom (not so kindly): "Drew, get in your room and get your jammies on right now!"
Drew (all calm and nonchalant): "Oh, sorry mom. Don't freak out."

[Are you kidding me?! This kid does think he's a teenager!]


[Brad really likes the show The Big Bang Theory, and Drew will occasionally sit with him to watch it. He calls it "Daddy's funny show." ...

Drew sometimes asks to watch the Disney channel after his nap, to which I have to explain that his shows aren't on in the afternoon, that only big kid shows are on. One afternoon the TV ended up on that channel, and Drew caught a glimpse of the show Sonny With a Chance. ...]

"Mama, this can be my funny show."


"No more talking, Mama. You've used up all the words."


Drew's reply to me telling him "no"... "I don't like you to say that - I like yes words."


[Reed is pretty keen on my morning routine, and knows that when I take the towel off my head, it's time for me to dry my hair. One morning, Drew saw Reed holding my hair dryer and said...]

"You don't need a hair dryer, Reed. You'll blow you hair off and look like Papa!"


After a particularly trying afternoon with Drew, Brad was getting him out of time out, and asked him, "Are you going to be a good boy now?" to which Drew responded, "I sure hope so."

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