Sunday, August 22, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 33

So, how do you decide what pictures to include in the family album when the family is in two different places for several days?

Well, to be honest, there wasn't a heck of a lot going on around here without the boys! :) Brad and I enjoyed some quiet time together, with Luci. We missed the boys terribly, but it was so relaxing to be in a quiet house, have a slower pace, and be able to sleep in...a lot! I had a list of "to dos" and crossed a couple things off, but mainly enjoyed doing my own thing in my own time. Brad worked, of course, and tolerated pop tarts and pizza for dinners, as I also took the time off from making dinner (although, that's not so abnormal around here!).

I'll do a complete post with pictures from my parent's camera of the boys' time with them.

Until then, here was our week here in Illinois...and there in Minnesota!

Drew and Papa doing puzzles.
Grammy and Reed making brownies.

The women's and men's church softball season concluded for both Brad and me. The guys played a really great game, but lost by one in the bottom of the 6th. There's Brad (#6) with his "aw, shucks" stance.

Apparently there was a lot of smiling, swimming, and card playing for the boys!

My to do list. Very ambitious, I know. I didn't plan on completing all of it, but I certainly didn't find myself bored! And my largest project wasn't even on my list! I ended up spending all of Monday putting together a book of our 2008 blog. (It came on Saturday, and I totally love it! I highly recommended Blurb if you'd like to do the same!)

My parents drove the boys back home today.
Super super excited to see them, kiss them, and squeeze their little bodies!

Papa promised Drew a trip to the ice cream shoppe on the corner, but when it started to storm outside, a walk up the street wasn't going to happen. Apparently, Drew's perfectly okay with ice cream from the grocery store!

We took advantage of Grammy's superb sewing skills while she is here. I've had these uncovered, large living room floor pillows for a few months, and the boys use them for laying on, wrestling on, and throwing around the room. I finally decided what kind of fabric to cover them in, and my mom was the perfect "hire" to make them for us. I think the boys are satisfied. :)


  1. Love the covered pillows. Dustyn would love them he is obsessed with Cars. Looks like a fun week.

  2. How neat. Let me know how your book turns out, I'd love to do this.

    Have a great week♥