Friday, August 6, 2010

Water Works

It's been pretty hot is August and it was time to cool off with some water fun!

Yesterday morning (before it got *too* hot) the boys and I headed down to Riverfront Park to check out the ground fountains. {Is that what they're called? Those sprinklers underneath the ground that shoot water up at random intervals? You'll see what I mean.} We had never been down there before, and I had been wanting to take the boys all summer. There were only two other kids there while we were, and as a super bonus, it's totally free. :)

I went a little picture happy (gotta love that new camera!) and there are so many cute pics, it's hard to choose, so this post is a little photo happy. But check out the boys' progression from checking out how these things work by watching the other kids, inspecting for themselves, and then "WHEEEEEE"!

Yes, they were both soaked to the bone!


For some more water fun, all four of us headed over to Mineral Springs Park today at lunch to take in a little boating. Our park district offers many free events throughout the summer for families, and today's event was free paddle-boating on the lagoon. Reed is a bit too young yet for this kind of excursion, so he and I sat this one out while Brad and Drew had some quality father-son time. :)

Chillin' in the shade.
Oh, that big scrape/bruise/bump across his nose and forehead?
Master of Destruction meets kitchen drawer.

I told Brad as we loaded back up into the van, "I love this kind of stuff!"
And I really, really do.

(Cross it off The Summer List!)

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