Friday, March 25, 2011

The Breakfast of Champions

The boys get many things from their father.

Among them, taste buds for PopTarts.

They all have them almost every morning. Brad only eats the brown sugar and cinnamon flavored ones, so that's all we buy.

Until Wednesday when the boys and I ran out to Walmart and Drew decided he'd like to try strawberry. Because they have sprinkles.

So yesterday morning he had one. It was good, he tells me.

When I pick him up at school yesterday, Mrs. Bland says, "Drew tells me he had a strawberry poptart for breakfast. We're all going to start eating them if they put you in this kind of good mood!"

Apparently Drew had a really silly day. Laughing and being goofy and telling stories. He had Mrs. Bland rolling with laughter, she said.

Strawberry PopTarts. The *new* breakfast of champions.

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