Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sick Day

This has been the feeling around our house for the past several days.

So, so sad, isn't it?

Drew has had a fever of 100+ degrees since Friday morning. And because we share nothing in our house quite as well as we share germs, Reed hit 100.3 by Saturday night.

Big. Fat. BOOOOOO!!!

Besides the consistent fever (even with around the clock dosings of tylenol and ibuprofen), other symptoms include cough and lack of appetite.

Or, in Drew's case, zero appetite. In the past five days I think he has eaten a total of one and a half bananas, two spoonfuls of yogurt, four spoonfuls of pudding, three bites of toast, and one Dorito.

Thankfully, both boys have been sleeping well.

Err. Scratch that.

Both boys have been sleeping well since Saturday night.

Friday night was weird. Drew woke up several times before 2am. I even went in to sleep with him around 12:30 because he had been up so much. When he woke at 2 to go to the bathroom, he was so convinced it was morning. He couldn't understand why he couldn't go downstairs and play. At this point, I'm a zombie, having been snapped out of the precious REM cycle about 10 too many times, and trying to avoid any major meltdowns because, you know, it's 2am and Drew has gotten maybe one good hour of sleep, I tell him we can go downstairs and watch a movie.

So. 2am. Me and Drew snuggled on the couch watching Elmo.


I, of course, am totally convinced he'll crash once zoned out on the TV.


By 5am, after having finished watching Elmo and Lightening McQueen, Drew is still awake. I only know this because halfway through Elmo he decided he wanted to sit in the recliner. Elmo doesn't bore him enough to sleep, so in goes Lightening. I don't even think I made it past the opening sequence of that movie and I'm out like a light. And when, after Cars was finished, he woke me up by saying, "Mom, let's watch Mater and the Ghostlight" and he was in the exact same spot with the exact same movie-trance blazoned across his face... I knew he had stayed awake that whole time.

I lovingly suggested it was time to go back upstairs to rest, and thankfully, he willingly agreed.

So, with the exception of Friday night, both boys have been sleeping well.

And it's actually been a pleasant sort of sickness. Both boys are quiet and lazy and extra cuddly. Reed has been a bit extra whiny at times, and Drew's been extra sensitive to being told "no"... but I guess I can't expect them to be sick and perfect.

When the fevers persisted on Monday, I called the doctor and got an appointment for both of them for today. Both boys actually fooled me this morning, acting almost back to normal, with the exception of their appetites. Playful, jovial, normal. To the doctor we went anyway...

...and back up to 101 degrees for Drew and 99 degrees for Reed.

The end result: a left ear infection for Drew. No strep, lungs are clear. Reed's lungs are clear as well, no strep, no ear infection.

So Drew will be on antibiotics for the next 10 days, and I'm hoping his fever will be knocked out by tomorrow so that he can go back to school on Thursday (he missed today, of course, and I told his teacher I wasn't sure if it made me more sad that he was sick or that he'd have to miss school...I love preschool!).

Reed will stay on his dosings of tylenol and ibuprofen and if his fever doesn't break by Thursday, the doctor will put him on an antibiotic to treat it. Perhaps Reed had the flu, but the window to test for it has passed and they wouldn't treat him at this point if it came back positive anyway.

Soooo....with any luck, and a few meds, they'll be back to their devilishly cute ways very very soon.

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