Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 12

Sunday {3.20.11}
Reed's been transitioning to his toddler bed this past week, but it's taken a bit for him to adjust to having only a small rail to keep him in. I've found him like this a few times...apparently hitting a pile of blankets is pretty comfy as he rarely wakes when he ends up on the floor!

Monday {3.21.11}
I do almost anything to keep these two contained while we shop. Almost.

Tuesday {3.22.11}
Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that it isn't going to be much longer before these shoes fit?

Wednesday {3.23.11}
The price of gas right now is $3.52/gallon. I filled up the van using my 20 cent/gallon discount with my grocery card and still paid this much. Yuck.

Thursday {3.24.11}
Brad won the "Thoughtful Husband Award" today when he brought me home a slice of my favorite dessert from a church potluck I wasn't able to make it to. Mmmm mmmm good!

Friday {3.25.11}
Grammy & Papa arrived today for a weekend visit, bringing Reed gifts for his birthday. This Mater train was a hit with both boys.

Saturday {3.26.11}
Grammy & Papa keep the boys' Twins attire updated with new t-shirts every year. Drew needed to wear his right away!


  1. Great photos Lesley. My hubby would also be in my good books if he bought me pie home :)

  2. What cuties!! That pie looks really good♥

  3. Your boys are too cute. I can't get enough of their chubby little cheeks ;0)

  4. I love the shoe picture best. I remember my daughter in her toddler bed and finding her under it every morning for the first month, she moves around so much. I love seeing your cute boys.