Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elmo's Throwing a Party...

...because Reed's turning TWO!

Because "Melmo" is one of the few words Reed can say, I knew that that lovable, furry, red monster would be our birthday mascot for Reed's big day. We decided not to have a formal party for the little guy, but instead will celebrate throughout the month as much of our extended family have made plans to come and visit us during the coming weeks.

Eventhough there is no big party, I still wanted to make the day special for Reed. You only turn two once, ya know! So I Googled "Elmo birthday," which brought me to Jessica's blog. Ironic, because I follow her blog (she's the one that hosts Project Life Tuesday), and as I clicked over to her Elmo party ideas, I had remembered reading about her son's Elmo party last summer.

So, all credit goes to Jessica...thanks for letting me carbon copy all your ideas! (I just love blogland!)

It was too bad that Reed's birthday fell on a's one of our busiest days. Preschool in the morning, speech therapy right after lunch, followed by quiet time. Brad also had some afternoon meetings today, so all celebrating had to wait until he got home. Around 4pm, our little family celebration began!

I decided to put together these Elmo foam visors as a fun little addition to Reed's birthday. In classic toddler style, he couldn't keep his paws off as I was trying to glue them together, and then once it was ready to wear, he wanted nothing to do with it. Leave it to big brother to convince him!

Opening gifts...with a lot of help from Drew.

A Black & Decker tool set for the workbench.

Kick Croquet set.

This was my favorite idea from Jessica. She used these Elmo Easter baskets as party favors. The stores are beginning to stock up on Easter goodies, so I was able to grab one for Reed, and loaded it with all things Elmo (thank you, Target Dollar Spot!). It included books, bibs, and a few new Hot Wheels.

Best buddies. (Oh, he also got a new jacket for spring. It's that green blob to the right of Reed, casually discarded without a second glance.) ;)

Birthday dinner at Culvers! (I swear I had nothing to do with this! Yes, it's my favorite and I chose it for my birthday. And Drew chose it for his birthday, too. Reed totally picked! I promise...)

Back home for Elmo cake and ice cream.
(Once's so good to have a friend who has an endless supply of baking necessities and tools! Although I had Brad fooled, Elmo was made using an Elmo-shaped cake pan.)


We love you, Little Monkey!

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