Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 9

Sunday {2.27.11}
We have been really good lately about limiting fast food dinners, but there are some nights that our schedule has us all running in different directions, it's the easiest option. Cheeseburgers all around, and then back to business!

Monday {2.28.11}
Laundry for me = fun for the boys. Reed is usually the instigator of such imaginative play. He flipped the basket and before I knew it, they were reenacting Superman's best moves.

Tuesday {3.1.11}
I love it when they love each other.

Wednesday {3.2.11}
Sippy cups are a staple of our household, but they are rarely found in the cupboard. In the sink, on the counter, jammed in the couch cushions, and at the bottom of the toy bucket are more likely places they'd be discovered.

Thursday {3.3.11}
Drew has reached the age where I feel like we can start introducing him to "chores." (I don't care for the philosophy behind that word, though, so I have some ideas on how to approach it from a "it's important we take care of our house" perspective. More on that another time.) Anyway, one of the things Drew is able to take care of is emptying the dishwasher. He requires help, of course, and what better person to come to his aid than Brad! ;)

Friday {3.4.11}
Brad and I enjoyed dinner out tonight with a couple from church who are our pastoral relations committee. We had a delicious meal at Logan's Steakhouse and a wonderful conversation. I totally spaced on taking a picture, though, so I'll come up with something to represent our night out.

Saturday {3.5.11}
Day two of 100+ degree temps for Bubba Joe. It was a day made for relaxing and being quiet - movies, video games, and a four hour nap.

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  1. All happy pictures till your last one, poor little guy. So tough when they are sick. Hope he's better now. I love the one of them doing superman, you got a shot of that. I try not to say chores just keeping the house in order. Hope you have another good week.Oh and sometimes we just have to get burgers too, part of life.