Sunday, March 20, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 11

Sunday {3.13.11}
Today was Youth Sunday at church, and I was in charge of the "young singers choir". I was surprised to see that normally reserved and shy Drew got so into it. All for Jesus, people...all for Jesus. ;)

Monday {3.14.11}
We did some rearranging in Reed's room to make space for his big boy bed. After we got it set up, the boys were playing around in it. Drew began tucking Reed in...over and over reading him stories and saying "night night, sweetie." (It took a bit for Reed to warm up to actually wanting to sleep in his new bed. He started napping in it Wednesday, and sleeping in it at night on Friday.)

Tuesday {3.15.11}
Our Luci girl. She'll be seven years old in May. She's neglected and overweight, but still tries to play every once in a while. It usually lasts about two minutes before she's exhausted and needs to rest. ;)

Wednesday {3.16.11}
Special visitors! Brent, Esther, Lewis and Lauren stopped by on their way through to Ohio for spring break. The boys had a blast playing with their cousins.

Thursday {3.17.11}
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a rainbow cake, a la How Does She? and Meg. And yes. It tasted just as good as it looks!

Friday {3.18.11}
More special visitors for the weekend. This time it was Jeremy, Ashley, Avery, Addy and Grammy. We headed to the Peoria Zoo this afternoon for some entertainment. Here are the boys right where they belong...alongside the lions!

Saturday {3.19.11}
Our Addy girl.
Is she gorgeous, or what?!
(This pic was taken Friday at the zoo, but this beautiful face needed to be included in this week's POTDs!)


  1. So funny that you made a rainbow cake on Thursday. We made rainbow cupcakes! So sweet that Drew was tucking Reed into bed. Wow - a big boy bed already?!

  2. Very cool cake and perfect for St Patrick's Day. That last picture is just stunning!

  3. First off, that cake...unbelievable!!!

    And your Addy, she's is soooooooooooo cute♥

  4. I must make that cake, stat!


  5. I will just tag along with everyone else...cake is gorgeous...and I guess Addy isn't too shabby either! ;) Amazing eyes!!

  6. The first two pictures are so sweet, love big brother helping. The cake looks yummy, everyone sees to have had this on St.Patrick's day. How adorable is Addy and her cute hat.

  7. Aww! So sweet that he was tucking Reed in. That cake looks delicious!