Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Art

Drew's art gallery is a little scant this month. He brought home less art than he normally does...not sure if it got lost, got displayed at school, or if they didn't do projects on a couple days. Drew did miss one day of school this month when he had a five-day fever, and this week was spring break. I gotta admit...I'm pretty bummed when he comes home and his backpack is empty. I think I've mentioned this before, but...I love preschool!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with the Cat in the Hat's hat. When I asked Drew if he cut it out, he said, "No, I just painted the white stripes. That's all Mrs. Cindy needed me to do."

A "paint-dotted" rainbow and pot of gold.

3/15 & 3/17/11
A finger-painted shamrock, and a crown for our little leprechaun.

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  1. Somehow stumbled across your blog. Love the Dr. Seuss hat! My son's school has been doing Seuss stuff all week this week. :)