Monday, May 30, 2011

Daddy's Big Day

Today was Daddy's 35th birthday!


We celebrated. All day.

While Dad was sleeping in (which wasn't necessarily a special treat; he gets to do that a lot) ;) Drew informs me that a party isn't a party without balloons.

So we fixed that.

Drew also insisted that we needed to surprise Dad.

So behind the chair we hid...until we jumped out and said

"SURPRISE! In case you forgot, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!"

We gave Daddy a card that basically said "Why would you need anything else when you've got us???"


We gave him some pretty fancy schmancy golf balls (or so I've been told) and also gave him a shopping date with Drew as Drew really wanted to get Daddy a new video game for his birthday - but was stumped as to which one to get. So we'll let Daddy pick.

And because good taste runs in our family...

Brad picked Culver's for his birthday lunch!

An afternoon nap, an evening movie, and a second helping of ice cream in the form of a cookie dough ice cream cake rounded out Daddy's big day.

We're so lucky to have YOU!

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