Sunday, May 29, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 21

Sunday {5.22.11}
My latest project was inspired by my grandmother's old jewelry and this post HERE by Just a Girl. I turned this jewelry (most of which was quite "out of style" (*ahem*) and no one in my family cared to wear it) into magnets. What a fun way to do something with it that is useful and pretty.

Monday {5.23.11}
We spent the morning outside doing a bit of yard work and cleaning. The boys "helped" me wash down the patio and clean up their toys. It was definitely a remove-your-shoes-before-entering-the-house experience...and Reed had to remove more than just his shoes! Mud puddles + 2-year-old boy = a great big mess. And a lot of fun!

Tuesday {5.24.11}
And we wasted no time enjoying our clean patio. Lunch outside today was wonderful.

Wednesday {5.25.11}
I try to forget the moments when the boys are at each others' throats, and relish in these moments instead. At the right time, and with the right toy, these two have become quite the playful pair.

Thursday {5.26.11}
Drew and Mrs. Bland, his preschool teacher. Today was his last day of school.

Friday {5.27.11}
The boys and I went to a couple garage sales this morning, and came home with a stash of new books. Among them, this McQueen paint book. For 25 cents, it gave Drew an entire afternoon of painting fun.

Saturday {5.28.11}
My extended family gathered in Davenport for a regular family get-together. It has been a while since we've seen everyone, and we had a most fantastic time with lots of food, chatter, and laughter. These four (plus 3 others) are second cousins - and so fun to watch play together!


  1. Love the magnets, they look great Lesley! Those owls are fantastic and totally selling for big-bucks as necklaces at Ann Taylor right now. You are very chic :)

  2. Great shots. Your boys are precious. Enjoy these special days.

    Have a great day♥

  3. What a great idea with the magnets. How sweet that you can still treasure them this way. Love the photo of all the shoes on the deck. Have another good week.

  4. Awesome idea with the magnets! :) I also really like the water color shot too. Feel free to stop by my blog, I posted today (LATE) .. but would love to have you check it out!