Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picture of the Day, Weeks 17 & 18

Sunday {4.24.11}
The boys in their Easter Sunday best.

Monday {4.25.11}
A couple months ago, I asked Drew to put the alphabet magnets in order. He could do most of them, but not all of them. I asked him again today, and he did it! He only had to ask me about one letter (he held up 'F' and asked me, "Mom, is this 'F'?"). Another milestone reached!

Tuesday {4.26.11}
We attended our first parent/teacher conference for Drew this morning, where we were shown a few examples of his work. These are progressive self-portraits, drawn in October, January, and March. These will stay on file at school as he'll do the same drawings next year, so I snapped a quick pic to remember them. :)

Wednesday {4.27.11}
Drew finally figured out that he can open the pantry from the bottom, and it didn't take long for Reed to learn by example. The good news, I guess: they can now grab a snack for themselves. The bad news: they grab whatever, whenever they want! It didn't take long for a child safety lock to be placed!

Thursday {4.28.11}
The boys and I took off this afternoon for a little weekend getaway to Minnesota. This photo was taken on our drive; however, it has nothing to do with our actual trip. This is just a little commentary on how much I hate crossing bridges. Especially ones over water. Especially with the boys in the van. Especially this particular one that is incredibly narrow and claustrophobic. I've always hated bridges, but my fear has become especially palpable since the I-35 bridge collapse in Minnesota, a bridge on my home-turf. I just can't get the imagery and the tragedy out of my head. Needless to say, I do a lot of praying and breath-holding and a little speeding when crossing these.

Friday {4.29.11}
Weekend fun at Grammy & Papa's!

Saturday {4.30.11}
Grammy & Papa with their five grandchildren
(just ignore Grumpy McGrumpykins on the far left). :)

Sunday {5.1.11}
My parents and I were watching TV when the news cut in with a special report. We waited and waited to hear the President speak, confirming the death of Osama Bin Laden. Definitely a history-making moment. {I'm also including in my Project Life book a screenshot of our local newspaper headline from Monday morning, as well as a copy of the President's speech, which can be found HERE.}

Monday {5.2.11}
We made the long trek back home today, making our usual midway pit stop to eat and get the wiggles out.

Tuesday {5.3.11}
This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I wanted to make something for the boys' teachers. I saw these bookmarks here, and found them adorable. They were easy and fun to make, and I love how they turned out. We gave them to Mrs. Bland and Mrs. Cindy today (as well as a version of this to hang in their classroom), and we also gave one to Alison, Reed's speech therapist.

Wednesday {5.4.11}
The rain and clouds and cool weather we've had for the past week is starting to clear up, so the boys and I took Luci on a short walk around the block. It was great exercise for all of us!

Thursday {5.5.11}
Our current stack of magazine subscriptions.

Friday {5.6.11}
The boys and I spent two days at my cousin's house with the intention of giving her a few helping hands with her garage sale. I don't know if I helped as much as I gave her three kiddos a few extra playmates! My boys had a great time...

Saturday {5.7.11}
...because this was how they looked 10 minutes after getting in the van to head for home! YAY for two days full of sunshine and fun!

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  1. Your pictures are so cute. How nice for you to get away and see family and for the boys. I also don't like crossing bridges either and say a little prayer and speed a little to just to get over it. Your photo collages are fun. Have a good week.