Monday, May 23, 2011

Interview with a 4 Year Old

This video post is loooonnnnngg overdue, and perhaps some of you have already watched it on our Vimeo page. This is a video that was taken on Drew's 4th birthday, back in January. I want to interview our kids each year on their birthdays, as a kind of time capsule of them growing older. I capture so much of their lives, via this blog and scrapbooking, but there is very little that is in their own words. I will probably ask many of the same questions each year, to see how their answers have changed, as well as throw in new ones depending on their current likes and interests.

Although this was something I was planning on doing as we approached Drew's birthday, I didn't remember to do this until right before bed. After having had cake and ice cream for supper. So he's a bit wired. And has a short attention span. Thank goodness for video editing software programs!

In any event, it's fun to hear him talk. :)

{Pay close attention to Reed when he comes running across the background. And my favorite part? When Drew tells me who he's going to marry. :)}

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