Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 20

I've really gotten into the habit of using my cell phone camera for our picture of the day photos. It's obviously more convenient than lugging around our larger SLR camera, although I sacrifice significantly on quality. I'm finding, though, that I'm capturing many more things that I would otherwise miss; many of the seemingly insignificant things that make up our lives right now. This week I'm glad that I can include some photos that were sent via text; as both a commentary on current technology as well as capturing some sweet, and silly, moments in our family.

Sunday {5.15.11}
On what was an otherwise very ugly day for our family, Brad texted me this picture (from a wedding he was performing) as a "bit of beauty" to brighten my spirits a little bit. It worked. (Man, I love that guy!)

Monday {5.16.11}
After my softball game, the little guys ran a victory lap with me around the bases. Reed took a short cut from 1st to 3rd, but when you're as cute as he is, I guess it's allowed. :)

Tuesday {5.17.11}
At Dad's softball game - relaxin' in the grass.

Wednesday {5.18.11}
I think I've mentioned before that every time we go to the store, Drew asks to look at "his cars". We were both surprised today to see the new inventory of cars from the new movie on the shelves. Actually, I think I was more excited then Drew was! I told him he'd have to get a bigger car case!

Thursday {5.19.11}
Tot Soccer 2011 has officially begun! Drew is on Team Blue Sharks this year, with Brad as his coach again. He did so great tonight, and we were especially proud after the way last year ended. Five more weeks to go!

Friday {5.20.11}
Brad texted me from work this morning, saying he was pretty tired. So I texted him back a series of three pictures, telling him to "WAKE UP!" He got the point. :)

Saturday {5.21.11}
Drew was curled up on the coach watching a movie this morning when Reed spotted him and needed to do the exact same thing. Like big brother, like little brother!


  1. Visiting from Mom Creative, your boys are absolutely adorable! Love your pictures!

  2. Great pictures this week ... my favs: the boys in the grass and the cards - awesome!!

    Feel free to stop by my blog, I'd love to have you :)