Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend Getaway

The (little) guys and I were able to make a quick 4-day getaway to Minnesota this past weekend. (Brad remained at home; that's kind of the stickler of having a weekend job. But while we miss each other terribly, I think Brad enjoys the peace and quiet while we are away!) I say "quick" but there isn't much that's quick about an eight hour van ride to the north! We left Thursday afternoon, after speech therapy, around 1:30. And while traveling with a parent-child ratio of 1:2 isn't the easiest, both boys traveled great and we made it into my parents' place in just under eight hours. Whew! Let's just say there's a hearty supply of snacks, very few liquids, and a constant flow of G-rated movies!

We had planned on this weekend because it seemed that everyone's work and personal schedules would allow for all of my family to join us at Grammy & Papa's place. We were so fortunate to have everyone there (minus to enjoy each other's company. We did a lot of playing. Here's a few highlights.

Because our visit happened to fall the weekend after Easter, the Easter bunny planned in advance and left eggs with Grammy and Papa to hide. Because the weather wasn't completely cooperative during our time there, the eggs were hidden inside for the four boys to hunt. Each grandchild also had to find their own Easter basket, which was also hidden in the house somewhere. (This is very reminiscent of my childhood. Grandma and Grandpa Gushee would hide our Easter baskets to find. In the dryer, the pantry, or the curio cabinet were a few favorite places.)

(And as a bonus, I was able to escape for a few hours on Sunday to meet the newest member of the Vrieze family, very good friends of ours. Thanks for babysitting, Mom and Dad!)

We had a really great time. We always do. When we got home and I got a chance to upload my photos, I found this gem (it must have been taken when I was gone).

Love it.

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