Friday, December 24, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 1

1 Day Until Christmas!

Today's activity: "throw Jesus a birthday party!"

I know this isn't a new idea, but it wasn't even on my Advent radar when I first started this whole process. It just sort of came to mind in the last week as I started thinking about how to make the Christmas story understandable for the boys. Boys know birthdays. Boys know parties. There you have it! A Happy Birthday Jesus Party!

Festivities began shortly after quiet time, around 3:30.
The first thing you do at a party is give your gift to the birthday boy.

I had wrapped small jewelry boxes in paper and bows and got out some red paper scraps. We talked about the gifts we could give Jesus for his birthday. We talked about what Jesus would want from us, the good things we can do, to celebrate his birthday. We gave a few examples and then Drew came up with his all on his own.

Can I just say...SUPER proud Mom and Dad moment! And not just because he said he's going to listen to us, but because he thought of it without our prompting. He's actually getting it!

Reed had a bit of help with his gift. He is going to give Jesus the gift of learning how to pray.
Mom is going to serve Jesus by serving her family better, with patience and self-control.
Dad is going to give Jesus the gift of time, by spending more time with Him and with us.

We placed our strips of paper in our boxes

and placed them under the tree.

No birthday party is complete without a (cup)cake!

They were good. ;)

We continued our celebration at the Christmas Eve service at church. Drew wanted to be sure we brought Baby Jesus' gifts. Awe-some!

We sang songs and prayed and celebrated the birth of our Savior.

Our celebration concluded with cookies for Santa (yeah, not in the Christmas story, but we had to fit it in here somewhere!) and we read Jesus' birth story from Luke 2 before bed.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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