Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 23

23 Days Until Christmas

Today's activity: "read a Christmas story"

This is one of my favorite Christmas stories. I picked it up a couple weeks ago when I was out shopping.

We read it at naptime and at bedtime.

Drew really liked it, too.

" 'Maybe Christmas,' he thought, ' doesn't come from a store.
'Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!' "

I don't think Jesus' birth was what Dr. Suess had in mind when he wrote those lines, but that's where we took it when we finished the story. Perfect opportunity to talk about what Christmas is really about!

I also pulled the rest of Drew's Christmas books off his shelf in his bedroom to continue to read this month. We have everything from The Beginner's Bible Very First Christmas to The Night Before Christmas to Elmo's Christmas Countdown.

I think we've got it pretty much covered!
Happy reading!

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  1. Do you guys have "The Littlest Angel"? That is my favorite Christmas book of all time :)