Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 9

9 Days Until Christmas

Today's activity: "frost the cookies!"

This activity came to be thanks to the stomach flu. Because I was too sick to finish our baking adventures yesterday, we put the finishing touches on our cookies today. (And I'm feeling much better, thank you).

After nap this afternoon, we whipped up the frosting. Again, taking some short cuts because, well, sometimes you just need to. We went with straight white frosting. No red, no green, no crazy blue or yellow or pink. Just white. But boy did Drew color the heck out of them with red and green sprinkles!

The clean-up crew.

They approved on the taste.

Finished product.

The sprinkle station (Drew's job!).

Taste testers say...

"Two thumbs up!"

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