Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 10

10 Days Until Christmas

Today's activity: "bake cookies"

Baking cookies was chosen specifically for today because our schedule was completely free and I knew it would be a day-long process. I was only planning on making monster cookies, but Drew talked me into "frosting cookies" and I suppose my mommy heart couldn't resist that sweet little boy smile. Or that sweet big boy smile - Brad wanted them, too!

I still cheated, and used a box mix for the sugar cookie dough. Don't judge... corners had to be cut somewhere in this process!

Drew was a big help, cutting out all of the cookies. He also liked spreading the flour on the counter. :)

I had to roll out the dough quite a few times as I couldn't get Drew to catch on to squeezing the cutters as close together as he could. I had to keep telling myself to back off, as he was really enjoying himself and doing a great job!

It was right about here that I realized the stomach ache I've had since last night wasn't going away. And it was more than just an ache.

Our cooking baking got cut short then as I soon realized I have the stomach flu. Awe-some.

Hopefully "cooking baking round 2" can be completed tomorrow!

{And to ease everyone who may be freakin' out...those cookies are for home consumption only. No germs will be spread outside the four of us!}

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