Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 49

I usually have Christmas music playing shortly after Halloween. I just got my CDs out today. What's wrong with me?!?
(Of note: Yes, CDs. No iPod here. And it's been awhile since I've picked up a new album. Clay Aiken??? Hell-o!)

Drew got sick while sleeping on Saturday night, and because he had no fever or mood problems, we figured it was a fluke. Uh, guess not. He started having "bathroom problems" today after nap, and it continued through the night. These are the approximate times we were up during the night. Considering the situation, Drew did really great. Got himself out of bed and into the potty and very quietly washed his hands and went back to sleep.

We got our iMac back today after being in the shop since Friday. A new hard drive later (thank you, Apple warranty) and we're back in business!

XBOX 360 Live allows Brad to play in real time with other real people, versus just playing the computer. He's been playing an old high school buddy of his that lives out in Sacramento, and with these new headphones/microphone, they can talk, too.
(By the way, he totally hates me for taking this picture...)

Christmas 2010 greeting cards mailed out today!

Well this was a first. I don't think we've ever actually won something out of a cereal box before. Brad opened his box of Pop Tarts this morning to see this little beauty inside. Upon logging on to, he discovered he won a game for XBOX Kinect. Too bad he doesn't have a Kinect yet. Ah well. At least he won something, right?

This is the third, if not the fourth, 30% off coupon Kohls has given me this year. Brad insists that it doesn't mean I have to actually go shopping. But I tell him that would be like wasting money if I didn't...right?!?

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