Friday, December 31, 2010

A Clifton Christmas

Our holiday vacation continued in Mankato, and when we arrived on Tuesday evening, there was three feet of snow on the ground. {Oh, how I miss Minnesota!} All that snow means just one thing - well, it probably means a lot of things, but for my little boys - it means sledding for the first time! Y.A.Y!

Papa, Brad, the boys and I went out on Wednesday morning to give the slopes a run, and we took along my dad's camera. Therefore, I have no pictures on hand of our snow adventures, but you had to know that it deserves its own post! So story and pictures to come.

The fun continued on Thursday, as my brothers and their families were coming and going throughout the day.

There was art

and games

and iPod activities

and snuggles

and ice cream making.

Friday the 31st was our day to celebrate Christmas.

Grammy delivered the stockings.

And it didn't take long for them to be emptied!

All the boys helped Grammy & Papa pass out the presents.

And then "let's open 'em!"

Oh the excitement that a really big present brings!

A flashlight/lantern from Justin, Mindy & Perry.

Just what we - ahem - HE wanted! (from Justin, Mindy & Perry)
{My mom had taped TS2 when it was on TV and Drew had already watched it numerous times during our stay. When he watched his new DVD later this day, he said, "This movie is broken; there's no commercials!" HA! This kid cracks me up...}

This was in the top 3 on Drew's wish list. As he was opening it, Brad said "I think you're gonna like it..." and as Drew caught glimpses of the box, he said "I think I do!!!!" (from Jeremy, Ashley, Avery & Addy)

YES! I'm finally off the hook for cooking dinner! Reed's got a new kitchen and food to go with it! Thanks, Grammy & Papa!

And sweet sweet Addy girl had the floor all to herself. She slept through the boys opening their gifts and woke in time to be the center of attention as she opened hers.

Doing magic tricks with Perry's new magic kit.

Seriously, if these two weren't cousins, there'd be a serious love connection here. Reed can't get enough of this girl!

Our celebration continued throughout the afternoon, as we ate ourselves into a sugar stupor. We then put Grammy & Papa in charge of our little ones and headed over to Jeremy & Ashley's to ring in the New Year with them and Justin & Mindy.

A great end to an absolutely perfect week of Christmas cheer!

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