Saturday, December 18, 2010


put clean sheets on everyone's beds

made gingerbread houses (included set-up & clean-up)

gave the boys their baths

did five loads of laundry (& actually put all the clean clothes away!)

loaded, ran, and emptied the dishwasher

finished making five Christmas presents, & wrapped one

picked up my scrap space

ironed on a decal to make Drew a new shirt

ran an errand - with both boys

baby-sat two girls for an hour and a half

did six blog posts (includes uploading, editing, & photoshopping pictures)

Among all that, did the regular things, too - got myself ready for the day, ate three meals, fed the boys three meals, changed diapers, wiped noses, played, ate three Christmas cookies...

What I didn't do: exercise (eek!) or call my mother (not that I needed to. Or should have. But I could have. And didn't.) :)

I haven't had a day this productive in a loooonnggggg time. It felt great.

Tomorrow? I think I'll fit in a nap.

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