Friday, December 10, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 15

15 Days Until Christmas

Today's activity: "camp out under the Christmas tree"

Well....this one had potential. And that's about all it had.

I set up the boys' tent next to the tree, with tons of blankets and stuffed animals and pillows. Then I blew up the air mattress for Brad and I, and set it beside the tent. We did our normal bedtime routine, but when it came to actually laying down and falling asleep...umm, not so much. I had figured Reed wouldn't last; which just begs the question: what am I going to do when he's ready to move out of his crib?!?! That kiddo was everywhere, so he quickly got whisked away up to his crib. That left Drew, Brad and myself, and I had given Brad the ok to sleep upstairs since Reed would be up there. For some reason he showed no hesitation in doing so. Huh.

So Drew and I remained...

He did well, but he couldn't sit still. He tossed and turned and wanted up on the mattress then back in his tent. Then he was hot. Then cold.

And then I tucked him in his bed - upstairs.

We'll try again next year. Looks like fun anyway, doesn't it?? :)

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