Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 48

I'm playing catch up a little bit. I was unable to post last Sunday because our computer was in the shop. And today I feel like mud, so I have pictures from two weeks ago here, and I hope to get last week's posted soon, too.

Without further ado...

Picking up the last of the fall leaves. (Nope, no snow yet. Boo.)

Brad and I decided last week to downgrade to basic cable, so we had to explain to Drew that he wouldn't be able to watch "his Disney shows" any more. He was confused, but he took it pretty well, especially since we told him he could watch them on the computer. {Since downgrading, though, we're still getting Disney on two of our TVs...Brad checked with Comcast and they assured us we're getting the channels we should be. We'll keep our Disney-satisfied kid as long as we can!}

I've been sitting at my sewing machine the last couple nights, making pillowcases for Drew for Christmas. He's getting a new pillow, and I didn't want it to be just a boring ol' pillow, so I'm jazzing them up with some Lightening McQueen and friends (of course) pillowcases. I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of my handy work. :)

We began the countdown to Christmas today with our own take on an action-oriented Advent. I made these ornaments, which hang on a small tree on our kitchen table. Drew picks the appropriate ornament off each day, and we read what our "assignment" is for the day. (See the blog archives in the sidebar for what we've done so far.)

Reed's crazy about pots and pans right now. He's usually milling about in the cupboards as I'm making dinner. I can't wait until he's actually able to lend a helping hand!

I think I've done more online ordering this year for Christmas than I ever have before. It's so fun when the packages arrive on the front step!

Our Advent assignment today was to empty our panty and take the goods to a local food pantry. Read about our experience here.

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