Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 4

4 Days Until Christmas

Today's activity: "Be someone's Secret Santa"

Why not surprise someone, and bring them a little extra holiday cheer, by dropping off a little anonymous care package?

Of course, anonymous was the objective. But it got a little complicated. In the future, I want the boys to pick who they would like to be a Secret Santa for. Hopefully they'll pick someone who could use a little "cheer me up"...a lonely friend at school, someone who's recently received bad news, that kind of thing. But for now, I pick. And I picked a friend of ours, a single mom, who's going through a rough patch. She's kind of a weird one, though, when it comes to food. She has to know where it comes from...or rather, who made it, delivered it, etc. (We all have our little quirks, right?) Because I didn't want her to toss our gift, I included a note to tell her it was from us. So...Santa, yes. Secret, no.

In our little package we included this game here, some hot cocoa mix and chocolate candies.

Snuggled it all up in this little cute bag here, and dropped it off at our friend's house this morning while she was gone.

Another super simple way to spread love and cheer!

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