Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Drew Potpourri

It seems I have a lot of catching up to do!

I've been keeping a little mental list of things to write about, and I'm determined to finally take the time to fill you all in on some of Drew's happenings.

Show & Tell

It was Drew's turn to bring snack and show and tell to preschool on November 23rd. Ever since he and I went on our date back in October when he bought Buzz and Woody, he's been wanting to bring them to school. "When's my show and tell?" he asked every single school day. So, the morning of the 23rd, I tell him to go get Buzz and Woody and get them ready for school (translation: find them and put them in your backpack). In the midst of his search for them, he stops short and says "Mama! I want to bring this!"

"This" turned out to be the instruction booklet for the XBox Sonic game. Yep. The instruction booklet - because I'm sure a room full of three-year-olds will find it just fascinating.

Now, do you think I was able to convince him that Buzz and Woody might be a more appropriate item for show and tell? Reminding him that he's wanted to bring Buzz and Woody to school for almost two months? That he'd be the most popular kid in the class if he just brought Buzz and Woody???? (Just kidding about that last one, but, you know...)

Uh. Right.

So off to school Drew went - with Sonic's instruction booklet.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when he explained his show and tell...

It all worked out, though. When I dropped him off, he was sooo excited. He actually willingly went into his room (clutching his backpack which securely held Sonic's instruction booklet), I exchanged pleasantries with Mrs. Bland and told her how excited Drew was, and Drew actually waved good-bye and said "Bye, Mom!" as I left the room.

Miracle of all miracles.

When I picked him up, I asked if Drew could have show and tell everyday. :)

More From Hobby Horse

Even though our drop-off routine can be pretty rough (unlike Sonic's big day), I always get a good report when I pick him up. Mrs. Bland and Miss Cindy make comments like "He had a great day!" "His best day yet!" "He did great today!". Mrs. Bland even told me he's a textbook case for why children should go to preschool - from shy to social. Apparently he's busting out of his shell, being silly and goofy and all out fun.

I learned this last Thursday that Drew has a best buddy there at school. It was so great for me to hear this as Drew always tells me he plays all by himself when he's at school. I figured this wasn't really the case, but Drew was always pretty adamant about it. "Didn't you play with Sarah? Or Bailey? Or Braden? Or Bobby?" I would ask. "No, I played allbymyself" he'd confidently reply.

Anyway. When we walked in the door on Thursday, Gage, a little boy in his class who was sitting at the table coloring a picture, very excitedly yells "Drew! I saved you a seat right here!" as he points to the spot beside him. Well, I think he said something like that. He was pretty excited. :) Mrs. Bland then tells me that Gage and Drew are best buddies. They're together all the time. She told me that Gage is like the little social butterfly of the class - outgoing and extroverted - whereas Drew is the little shy guy. How these two hooked up, the Lord only knows. But now, apparently, Drew makes the other kids giggle and be silly. Great. My former wallflower has turned into the class clown! But seriously, best news of my day!

A Hobby Horse Holiday

The last part of Drew's school day on Thursday was the class Christmas party. Parents are always invited to come to the parties with the kids, but because an appointment ran late, I didn't arrive until about 20 minutes into his party. Drew had already visited Santa Claus (he wasn't a fan, apparently...he clutched Mrs. Bland and quietly talked to Santa over her shoulder) and was just about to pin the carrot nose on the snowman when I arrived. And when I did, he wanted to go see Santa again. Unfortunately, by the time the other class was done with their Santa visits and we made our way back to see him, he was gone. :( Oh well.

We continued into his classroom, where he made this snowman popsicle stick ornament

and had a snack.

I'm bummed I missed out on part of his party (and forgot my camera), but I think he had a pretty great day regardless. :)

His Ears

Mrs. Bland has also commented on Drew's ears, wondering if the tubes have attributed to his positive change in behavior in the classroom. I'm sure he's growing more comfortable there, but I have no doubt it is in large part to actually feeling good! We've definitely seen improvements at home, with positive behavior and willingness to listen and following directions. So fewer time-outs and yelling matches! He's definitely still three years old, and as such still very much acts like a three year old, but he has improved so much since having the tubes placed.

We went back to Dr. Hertenstein's office last Friday for his one month follow-up from his surgery. Drew remembered that Bullseye was amongst the kids' toys that were in the waiting room. He then was very willing to go to his appointment.

Unfortunately, Drew and Bullseye didn't have much time to get reacquainted as we were in and out pretty quickly. Dr. Hertenstein says that Drew's tubes look great - nice and clean - and we go back in eight months for another check.

Odds & Ends

  • Drew still loves to have us read books to him, but he's becoming more interested in the actual words on the page. He'll ask "Mom, what does that say?" as he points to a particular word. He can even be found "reading" books to himself, following the words with his finger, making up some rendition of the story as he goes along.
  • He has become quite the tattle tale. "Mom, Reed is ________________!" has become a common phrase heard in our house.
  • The boys have become more playful with each other. There is just as much bickering and fighting over toys as there ever has been, but they've also become quite the playful pair. Just so long as Reed isn't invading his territory, Drew is pretty helpful and encouraging as Reed is playing or trying to do something. Their current cute-yet-often-times-irriating competition is to see who can get to the bathroom stool first to brush their teeth. Why irritating, you ask? Because whoever doesn't get there first, is usually pretty upset about it.
  • Drew's favorite toys right now are his Cars cars and video games. He's also been doing a lot of coloring, puzzling, and lego-ing in the past week or so.
  • He's excited for Christmas and Santa's visit to the house, but he's more excited that Lanny & Wayne (Santa's Prep & Landing elves) will be coming, too!

And that's our boy!

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