Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Advent Action} Day 24

Drew pulled the first ornament off of our Advent tree this morning.

Today's activity: "Write letters to Santa."

I used this stationary here.
We sat down at the table, and I tried to prompt Drew to tell me what he'd like to write to Santa. I told him it might be a good idea to tell him what a good boy he's been before asking for anything. :)

I wrote the letter and he signed his name.

You can see that Drew's list has changed a bit since he first wrote to Santa back in August.

Reed "wrote" one too, and Drew volunteered to sign it for him.

Stuff them in the envelope...

...and don't forget to stamp it!

Then a quick field trip to the Post Office box and away to Santa it goes!

I then found this website that will send a personalized letter from Santa to the boys.

A few thoughts...

1.) I confess the crafter in me wanted to make it fancier, but I suppose anything that I can simplify at this time of year is a good thing, right? Drew wasn't *that* into it so it probably wouldn't have been worth the time.
2.) My plan to be fully prepared for each day's activity failed on day one. I know there are special Santa mailboxes or other gimmicks like that, I just didn't research enough to know where they are in our neighborhood. So forgive me, US Postal Service, for giving you a little extra work.
3.) I realize today's activity is a bit counter-intuitive to my purpose in doing this kind of "action" Advent. Writing to Santa to tell him all the things we want doesn't exactly teach generosity. It's a fine balance, I suppose, between teaching our children to give while still wanting them to experience the magic of Christmas. We just need to be sure that it's the right balance.

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